A revolutionary cloud-based tool for modern governments. With our platform you can get your governments systems to a whole new level of efficiency.



Allow your citizens and businesses to transact with government services online

Online Applications


Manage and operate a centralised registry database for People, Organisations and Assets.



Streamline and Digitise your organisations workflows



Streamline approval processes by making it electronic allowing legal entities and assets to be notarised and authorised quickly and easily.



Setup and accept online payments as we integrate with the most popular payment gateways available today.



No more paper. Issue electronic authorisations (i.e. permits, certificates, licenses etc.) to People, Organisations and their Assets. Have these available online for them to easily view, print and send



Configure and send email notifications to citizens via automated email notification systems

Data Export


Easily monitor and report on the data you are collecting via the system

Data Export

Easily Export Data

Easily export data into spreadsheets for additional advanced reporting in other systems


Other Key Features

  • Develop

    Quickly and Easily build your country specific applications using our revolutionary Viviki Platform

  • Integrate

    Easily integrate with 500+ external platforms and services via our webhooks and REST API mechanism

  • Data Import

    Quickly and Easily import data into our platform to get up and running quickly

  • Encryption

    Secure data in your databases by encrypting it to the field level using asymmetric cryptography, also known as public key cryptography.

  • Security

    Secure access to the database by enforcing 2-Factor authentication. This requires users to know their password as well as a special mobile application to access the system.

  • Consulting and Support

    We provide consulting and support services for government agencies. This allows you to quickly get up to speed with the GovCrate platform so you can start to streamline your government services

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